Non Profit

Are you looking to elevate your productions to the next level? We can provide video with live streaming services for your events, concerts and productions or basic videography if that's what you need.

Provided an adequate internet connection exists, we will live stream your event to reach the community, the city, the nation, the world! Events can be offered to viewers as pay-per-view to help you cover the cost of production or increase revenue. We will store your production video online to be viewed as video-on-demand for a period of 30 days following the production or upload to a site of your choosing. You will be given a final copy of the video file so you can then do whatever you like. Need a DVD made of your production? We can do that too!

We offer special rates for non-profits so you can stay within your limited budgets. We understand the pitfalls and challenges you go through to put on your events. Contact us today to see how we can fill your needs!
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